Plum Class Autumn 2

Brrr! The weather has turned colder, but it has given us great opportunities to explore ice and frost. We have been learning that some surfaces are slippier than others to walk on, that thick ice is more difficult to break than thin ice, and that woollen gloves get wet in water, then hands get VERY cold!  Inside we have been building, modelling, drawing, writing stories, playing dice games, and we have had several practices of our Christmas nativity play 'Magical Christmas Journey'.  Our class are an assortment of presents, crackers, mince pies, Christmas cake and trees.  Letters have gone out to say which each child is - costumes in by Friday 2nd please!  In RWI this week we have learnt 'y' and 'w'.  Mrs Grimes and Mrs Crowe's groups have learnt 'th' as well, whilst Mrs Threlfall's group are having a pause in learning new sounds this week and next to concentrate on blending sounds to read.
Where is the time going?  This week we have started to learn some of the songs for our Christmas nativity!  More of us have been learning how to use the hammer and nails to make a range of different things.  We have been investigating which Transformer is stronger by identifying the biggest number. We paid a trip to the new end of school to the book fair.  We had a look at the books before writing down our favourite and saying why we liked it.  The sheet went home in our book bags, to maybe give Santa an idea or two ;)  On Friday we talked about Children in Need, and all brought £1 in to wear non-uniform for the day.  This week has been anti-bullying week at school.  We went to a whole school assembly at the beginning of the week, and have made some lovely friendship cards for each other.  Some of us decided to write little friendship notes and put them in everyone's book bags.  This week in RWI we have learnt 'r', 'j' and 'v'.  In achievement assembly Heath received a certificate for great story writing, and Belle received one for always being kind and helpful in class.  This week was Belle's last week before she moves to her new school in Morpeth.  We wish her well in the future, and will miss her in class.
This week we have been counting and practising our teen numbers, drawing, pretending, playing and writing amazing stories.... LOTS of amazing stories!  On Remembrance Day we talked about the poppies that some of us were wearing, and some of the class decided to make their own poppies using a range of materials.  We are starting to use real hammers and nails to make things.  We are really careful and enjoy the responsibility of using real equipment.  In RWI we have learnt 'h' and 'sh'.  We say that the 's' and 'h' are 'special friends' that make the 'sh' sound when they are together.  We have had great fun 'sh'ing to each other!
We have spent much of this week exploring British traditions and customs - Halloween and Bonfire Night.  We read 'Funnybones' and then made some skeleton pictures using a variety of materials.  We talked and wrote about our pictures and some of them are on display in the classroom.  We have been very excited about fireworks and bonfire night.  We made 'sparklers' and did a range of firework art activities.  We have talked about fire safety, made a bonfire (with a rope around to keep safe), and discussed the story of Guy Fawkes.  We have been continuing to focus on teen numbers when counting and recognising numbers.  Lisa is currently training to be a Forest School Leader, so we are very lucky that she is starting to take a group out a couple of times a week to do lots of amazing activities.  We continue to go into hymn practice with the rest of school, and this week went to our first achievement assembly.  Caleb and Olivia L won certificates for great name writing and fab RWI respectively.   In RWI we have learnt 'e' and 'l' this week.