Pumpkin Fun

Ash Class and The Giant Pumpkin!
During harvest time Ash Class were gifted a HUGE pumpkin! The children were so excited to see it in the classroom and we used it for lots of different activities.
We observed it using our senses and used lots of adjectives to talk and write about how it.
We learned about how pumpkins grow, their different parts and their life cycle.
We looked inside and observed the smell, the seeds and the pulp, it was a very messy but fun job! 
We followed instructions to make pumpkin soup, we all loved it and it was the first time some of us had made our own food.
We experimented to find out if pumpkins float or sink.
Finally, together we all designed a face to carve into the pumpkin and drew it on. Miss Langman carved it using a very sharp knife.