Should children be allowed to drive

This week we held our 2nd Pupil Parliament. We started our day by working in our political parties to write a manifesto that reflected our values, beliefs and vision for the world. 
A local traffic officer PC Lamb came to visit us and explained what his role as a traffic officer was. He also talked to us about the dangers of driving and the consequences of distraction to drivers as well as pedestrians. We then had a chance to question our expert witness. Before PC Lamb left he gave us the chance to have a look at his patrol car and even the opportunity to sit in the drivers seat. 
After lunch it was time to put our arguments together. We were given some facts and figures about driving before discussing our point of view as a party and writing our arguments using facts and figures to support our opinions. It was then time to debate. This time Amy from Whittingham Primary School became the Speaker of the house. We listened to each other arguments before voting. It was overwhelmingly against children driving. 
Our next debate was then decided.
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