Roles and Responsibilities

Current Focus Improvement Groups (FIG) set in Autumn Term 2017

FIG – Strategic Plan Development – J Smith, D Belshaw, B Grisdale

FIG -  TIC TOC – K Williams, R Milburn, V Young, L Phelan  (to meet prior to RM meeting in January)

FIG – Wellbeing – Work Life Balance – C Murdy, D Belshaw

FIG – Wellbeing - Social Media – S Tulloch, K Williams

Current Additional or Statutory governor roles at Autumn Term 2017: 
SEND Link Governor Dave Belashaw
Safeguarding Link Governor Luke Phelan
Health and Safety Link Governor John Warburton
Early Years Link Governor Liz Somerville
E-safety Link Governor Bill Grisdale
Committee Membership as at Autumn 2017
Full Governing Body:
Bill Grisdale (Chair)
Executive Committee: 
Bill Grisdale (Chair), Jenny Smith, Katherine Williams, Dave Belshaw 
Strategic Policy and Procedure Direction Committee: 
Dave Belshaw (Chair), Jenny Smith, Charlotte Murdy, Rachel Milburn, Dawn Morton, Liz Somerville
Resource Management: 
Katherine Williams (Chair), Jenny Smith, Luke Phelan, Victoria Young, Samantha Tulloch, John Warburton