RotaKids is a junior branch of Rotary International.  In Alnwick it is made up of young people, between the ages of eight and eleven, from Swansfield Park Primary and St Michael's Primary. A group of twelve young people meet regularly to plan fund raising and how they can be of service in local community events.  Their fund raising includes local, national and international causes.

Since its inception in 2011 members of RotaKids have demonstrated their commitment to service in the local community and saving the environment by collecting soft toys for Northumberland Hospice, collecting and donating hundreds of tins of cat food to the Northumbria Hedgehog Rescue Centre and helping in The Playhouse at a concert held to raise funds for The Duchess’s High School.

Globally they have raised funds for Shelter Boxes, Aqua Boxes and Literacy Boxes.  They have also been actively involved in the ‘End Polio Now’ campaign, run by The Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation and actively supported by Rotary.

In order to raise money they have helped in organising and running a swimarathon, school fun runs, non-uniform days, selling crocuses and several other events.

These young people have used existing skills and developed new ones by presenting their ideas to peers in school assemblies, learning the rudiments of governance by participating in elections for officers and running a committee.  They are skilled at presenting to an adult audience. Rotarians in Alnwick look forward to their annual lunch together when RotaKids share their experiences from the previous year.  They portray an excellent image of the young people in the town.

As members of RotaKids these young people have demonstrated an understanding of global, health problems, the value of an education and the need to protect our environment.  Above all they understand what it takes to be an upright citizen with a keen sense of community.  They are an asset to Alnwick and its future.