School Closure - Useful Information and links

Hello Ash Class!!
We are in a unique situation we haven't been in before, however, we will do our very best to keep going on the fantastic learning journey we started in Sept.  Each Monday I will set activities for the week but also work through your booklets.  PLEASE DON'T do all the activities in one go as we are all unaware of how long we will be off.
This could be an unsettling time for your child, especially at first,  if your child becomes anxious, leave the activity, have some fun and come back to the task at another time.
Don't feel you have to do academic work all day, home learning is very intensive, some fun practical activities will calm and stimulate them:
  • Read, read, read! 
  • Teach your child to sew or knit.
  • Draw and paint.
  • Colour in.
  • Do a jigsaw puzzle.
  • Build a fort out of cushions and blankets, then cuddle up and read in it with your child.
  • Let them help to cook: weighing ingredients is a great way to apply maths skills.
  • Dance to videos like 'Just Dance' on YouTube.
  • Sing some songs.
  • Keep a diary or make a scrapbook.
  • Write or record a review about a film or TV programme they have seen, or a book they have read.
  • Build something awesome out of Lego or junk.
  • Keep active and exercise!
  • Carry out an experiment (
  • Do a bit of gardening.
I am available on my email: 
Don't panic if I don't respond quickly; I am on the Key Worker rota next week so I will be working at school, I will, however, respond to all emails when I can,  after that I'll be responding to e-mails between 8.30 and 4, Monday to Friday. 
If you need to contact me to clarify any of this, reset any passwords or suggest ways of helping your child with anything specific, please drop me an e-mail.
Mums and Dads, please remember that you DO NOT have to complete all of this work, these are just ideas that might be useful to you.  I'm very aware that many of you are working as well as trying to be educators.  Be kind to yourselves, let the children play, watch TV and chill while you get the things that you need to done and then find little pockets of time that you can try to do some focused work together.  And, if this doesn't happen every day, don't worry!
Take care of yourselves and each other.  I hope to see you all soon
Miss L
 Useful Websites:

Through the resources tab on their School 360 account, children have access to a range of games and quizzes including ‘Frog’ and ‘J2 Blast’. Children can also access their Gmail account and keep in contact with me.

Joe Wicks is holding live PE lessons on his YouTube channel each morning at 9am. If you miss it, his channel is full of child friendly workouts that can be done at home.

As a school we follow the White Rose maths scheme. They have prepared a series of 5 maths lessons for years 1 – 8. Each lesson comes with a short tutorial video and an activity to complete after.