Snow Day

Snow Day - 28th February 2018
Good morning, children! What a treat to wake up to such a lovely blanket of white. You're probably all too busy having fun, but if you are stuck for something to do, here are some ideas:
  • Build a snowman. You'll need to make 2 or 3 different size spheres for the body and head. See how long it lasts for. Do you think it will still be there next week? Do you think it will last longer if you put an old coat on it? Don't forget to give it a name!
  • Ask your grown up if you can bring a snowball into the house - make sure you put it in a bowl first! Time how long it takes to melt. Do you think you could make it last longer?
  • Go sledging. It's great exercise. Maybe you could race against some of your friends or time how quickly you can get to the bottom of a slope.
  • Stamp out your name in the snow. Don't forget, you're important so you need a capital letter!
  • Set up a target and see who is the most accurate at throwing snowballs. You might want to have points - 5 points for hitting the target, 10 for a bullseye!
  • Make a snow angel. Just because it's fun.
If you get cold and are needing some activities to do while you are inside warming up, why not try some of these?
  • Read a story. Tell your family what it was about and whether you liked it. Draw a picture of your favourite part of the story and write a caption underneath.
  • If you are allowed some screen time, the Resources box of School 360 has lots of great activities and games. My favourites are IR Maths (lots of maths games) and j2E (you can play j2Blast or write a story in jit). We've used both of these in class, so they should be familiar.
  • Write a poem about or a description of a snowy day. Record yourself performing it!
  • Write your own story about Mr Trapper - Snow Day Part 2!
  • Design your own igloo, just like Mr Trapper did.
  • Practise your multiplication tables.
Most importantly, wrap up warm, stay safe and HAVE FUN!
Mr J