Week 20th April Blog

Hello everyone

Hope you have had a good Easter holidays and enjoyed some good quality family experiences in your homes and gardens.

This weeks challenges are:

Monday: Wildlife spotting -  What wildlife visits your garden and the surrounding area of your home (blackbirds, pigeons, bees, ladybirds etc.).  Wildlife is booming at the moment and they are out in force. Create your own chart to help you count.


Tuesday: Search the wildlife you spotted on the great big web. See what facts and pictures you can see. Parents layer this activity with lots of new language - wings, beaks, feathers, antennae etc.)






Wednesday: Draw a picture of the wildlife you spotted. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look exactly like the wildlife you saw as long as we are counting out and mark making on the paper using pincer grasps. Consider how many legs the bird has, draw two lines and count as you go, two circles for eyes etc. It’s the process not the end result guys.


Thursday: Have a dress-up time, let’s get creative, allow your children’s imaginations to run wild, this will also support language skills and social development. Use old clothes, scarfs, gloves, hats, mum/dad's shoes. Try to use real clothes and props from your wardrobes.  Who will you be?  What will you do?


Friday: Toy hide-and-seek. Hide a toy somewhere in the house and help your child to find it. Explore using clues such as warmer and colder to guide them. This will help your child to problem solve, encourage simple listening skills and memory skills - "Go to the place where we keep your socks!"


Other websites to keep you guys busy:








Enjoy! Remember to keep in touch with all your news, pictures and learning speak to you all soon, stay safe Cherries, Claire