Week 30th March Blog

I hope everyone is keeping well and staying safe. I must say I am missing all of your faces coming into class in the mornings it’s a very strange feeling not being with our Cherry family. One of my highlights this week was being a part of the big NHS clap, amazing and emotional feelings when we all unite and cheer for those on the front line giving it their all through this challenging time. Go NHS! 


Last week I set you guys the task of practising your mark making skills I hope you have been practising, can’t wait to hear all about it.


This week is all about using scissors correctly and pre scissor activities. I did put some work sheets to have a go at in your packs.  Give them a try, we are aiming for small snips on paper and then see how you go from there. This is a very difficult and time consuming challenge but Cherries love a challenge! Don’t forget to encourage the children to use their two fingers and thumb and holding the scissors the right way up. 


Pre scissor activities are great for our little fingers and thumbs to gain strength when using difficult tools, you could do lots of pre scissor activities.  These consist of threading items such as  pasta on string or straws, ripping different materials up such as paper, foil, newspaper, using your washing line pegs to pick up different things or to peg onto things.  You could also use big kitchen tongs instead of pegs. Have a go Cherries and see how you get on. 


Take care little Cherries and stay safe, Claire 


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