Week 6th April Blog

Okay, last week I set you the task of having a go at using scissors. Thank you to all the parents who replied to my emails etc and told me about what you have all been up to as families and how you are all keeping busy while staying at home. Well done Cherries for practising your skills I have set I am very impressed.


Some of you have been getting in touch about potty training -  fabulous news that you guys are trying, I know this was on your top 10 things to do. Here are a few tips!


Keep the potty in a place that is familiar to your child so they can pop on and off regularly.


Decorate their potty if need be with stickers so it doesn’t become a stressful or negative experience/task you want you child to feel happy and engaged with this process.


Use a sticker chart or treats jar for every time your child is successful going on the potty. 


Encourage your child to be independent during the task and aware of looking after themselves such as pulling up pants, encouraging them to wash and dry hands after.


Ask/remind/bring them to the potty every 10–20mins for a try. Stay calm and positive it’s very important, this can be quite a daunting task for our little ones. 


Expect accidents! Don’t worry if they do and carry on as normal this doesn’t mean all the hard work hasn’t paid off it’s just how the process goes. Just carry on as normal, persistence is key.


Not to forget lots and lots of praise and consistency. Stay calm and carry on you have this Cherry parents!!!


Good luck! 


Okay amongst you potty/toilet trainers this week's task is all about sorting loose parts around your house. This could be tins from your kitchen cupboard putting them in size order from big to small, you could also use bowls, cups, plates anything you see fit around your house or garden that would be great to sort. I would also like the children to group objects together such as all the teddies together or things that are circles or squares.  See how you get on, you could also colour sort into piles. Will look forward to hearing from you guys.


Take care and stay safe Claire