Week Commencing 07.12.20

Homework – Week Commencing 07/12/20

Your homework tasks this week include:
  • Spellings (Spelling Frame)
  • Times Tables (Times Table Rockstars)
  • Maths task
  • SPaG.com
  • Reading Plus

Please see details below for further information.

Your new spellings can be found on Spelling Frame. Please complete at least two tests online, as well as Word Tiles, before the real test in class the following Monday. However, if you have completed your two tests and you’re still not getting a very good score, you must practise more and complete extra tests as well as use Word Tiles until you get 90 – 100%.

Maths Homework - Due 14th December 2020
In the classwork section on Google Classroom you will find a piece of work to complete about subtraction. You don't need to show your working out (it's pretty hard to do that on Google Slides!), simply put your answers in the boxes provided.

Use your username and password which was sent home the other week and complete the ten questions on the test, apostrophes and plurals (B). Struggling to remember the rules for our use of apostrophes? Have a look at the Help Me! Apostrophes post in the English section of Google Classroom, there is a flowchart which is a handy guide.

Times Table Rockstars
Please log into www.ttrockstars.com. This week’s challenge is a mega four class battle! Who will emerge victorious in the final grand slam of 2020? Will it be Rowan, Larch, Sycamore or Maple? (We all know it'll be Sycamore!)

Reading Plus
Please logon and complete half an hour’s worth of reading in addition to any lessons you have done at school.

Good luck everyone...