Week Commencing 21.09.20

Homework – Week Commencing 21/09/20
Your homework tasks this week include:
Spellings (Spelling Frame)
Times Tables (Times Table Rockstars)
English task
Maths task
Please see details below for further information.
Your new spellings have been set on www.spellingframe.co.uk. Please log on using the username and password you were provided with. It is important that you practise your spellings several times online each week and complete two practise tests before the real one in class on Monday 28th September.
English Homework - Due 28th September 2020
In our recent English lessons, we have been exploring the features of explanation texts as well as planning and writing our own. Now it is time to show off these skills once more!
Your homework task is to design and write an explanation text about a new, very handy ‘Tidy Your Bedroom Machine’. Take a little time before your start writing to think about the different features it will include, maybe even draw a sketch of your machine.
An assignment has been added to Google Classroom with full details of this task. You will need to click on the assignment and then click on the attached Google Doc. There are more instructions in the Google Doc which you will need to follow.
Maths Homework – Due 28th September 2020
In our recent maths lessons, we have been investigating the names and properties of 2D shapes. In our Google Classroom you have also been assigned maths homework using Google Slides, please read that for full details.
Times Table Rockstars
Please log into www.ttrockstars.com with the username and password you were provided. A Sycamore Vs Maple Battle of the Bands competition has been set up and I need each and every one of you to logon and help your class to be crowned the champions! The competition will run until Monday 28th September at 08:45.
Good luck everyone!