Willow weaving

The Friends of Swansfield Park kindly paid for Ruth, the Willow Lady, to come and work with the nursery children. She helped us make a new fence in the garden, and then showed us how to make a range of different items. She also explained to us how to harvest our own willow so that we can try our hand at making our own things in years to come.  Cherry Class came out too - it was great fun working together.


The weather was kind, and we had a fabulous time. All the children and adults learnt loads!


We stripped the leaves off the willow branches.
We helped put the uprights in the ground then weaved the willow in and out.  We had to use big sticks to bash the willow down to make it tight.
We practised making a mini fence.
Look at our fab finished fence!
In the afternoon we stripped the leaves off some more willow and made...
... big stars and small stars,
... fish, balls, rockets and crowns.