Wk 9 Home Learning - Week Beg 18.5.20

A note for Mums and Dads
Thank you for all your emails and photos again this week.  I genuinely love to see the photos of the super activities they've been up to and chat with you.  Please try and update me on your child's work once a week so I get get a handle on their learning and any feedback on activities is gratefully welcomed (honestly!).  Remember the planning below is just a guide; the well-being of your child and your family is paramount so just get through what you can.  Feel free to change activities to make them more suitable for your individual children too.  If there are any problems contact me, however,  I may not be able to reply quickly as I'm working in school some of this week but I will get back to you as quickly as I can.
A little note for my Beech Class friends!

Now I can see that some of you have not been going on Rockstars very often over the last few weeks so this week try and play as often as possible as I'm hoping to challenge Oak Class to a Rockstar Rematch soon.

* I also want to celebrate some of the fantastic activities that you are doing. I will be giving School 360 points out for excellent work (that includes all the amazing practical jobs you are doing like cooking, sewing and making things so keep sending those pictures in!) I have also been awarding Star of the Weeks which Mrs Smith announces in her blogs.

The Star of the Week this week is: Daisy McArdle.  Well done for all your enthusiasm and extra work (and especially for finishing that quilt!) (BIIIIIIGGGGG round of applause!)

Hello Everyone

Welcome to this week's work.



*Now listen up! We are going to do something new this week. We are going to learn about “Contracted apostrophes”.  Don’t be put off by the fancy name, you will get the hang of using them!  This is when two words are squeezed together to make one word and an apostrophe is put in the place where the missing letters were.  Here’s an example:


       I will  -  I’ll  (the ‘ takes the place of w and i)

       can not – can’t (the ‘ takes the place of n and o)


Watch the video and see other words which can be shortened:




 Now have a go at the worksheet in your pack: “Apostrophes in shortened forms”.



* Spellings - these are words that have the contracted apostrophe: can’t, didn’t, hasn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t, shouldn’t, it’s, wasn’t, don’t, haven’t.


* Play SpellBlast - log onto School 360, click: resources, J2E, J2Blast, Spellblast, Have a Practice, Shared and look for the list for 18.5.20.


* Meet my friend The Scruffy Alien:

                              Flip | Pet Alien Wiki | Fandom

He doesn’t know how to behave correctly or how to look after himself.  Imagine he came to visit you, write him a list of 10 rules, like “Don’t wear shoes in the front room”

Make sure you:

  • Use full stops and capital letters.
  • Use lots of contracted words (use your spelling list to help)
  • Write neatly. 
*Over the last few weeks we’ve been thinking about poetry.  This week we’re going to learn about an Alliteration Poem.  Alliteration is when words in a sentence all start with the same letter, like dozy dogs or scary spiders. Here is an alliteration poem about food (one of my favourite things!):

       Delicious Dinners

       Delightful doughnuts,

       Sweet spaghetti,

        Heavenly haggis,

        Tempting tangerines,

        Yummy yoghurt,

        Mouth-watering muffins,

        Luscious lollipops,

       Colourful cakes

Write your own alliteration poem about anything you want; it could be animals or people or whatever you want!





*We’re also still thinking about 2-D shapes this week, especially the patterns you can make with them. Complete the worksheets in your Shape Booklet called “Sort 2-D Shapes” and “Make Patterns with 2-D Shapes”.


*To recap symmetry, make some symmetrical butterflies.  Print or copy the resource below: “Butterfly Pizza Activities”.


* Tessellations are also patterns you can make with shapes, it is when shapes fit together without any gaps.  Watch this video to get the idea:




       (Scroll down to “What is Tessellation?”)


* Let’s make a tessellation. Draw and cut out a shape out of card (an old cereal packet or birthday card will do) then draw around the shape lots of times (without any gaps).  Does it work?  If not, choose another shape. 

I’d love to see a photo of your work.


Here are some ideas: 

 What is a tessellation? Definition, examples and types of ...

*See if you can get your Rockstar and Numbot scores up, I’ll be checking to see who has been playing.  I’d like to challenge Oak Class again to a Rockstar Rematch soon so let’s see if you can get practising! 


*I have put a challenge below for you eager beavers!



*Last week we thought how the words carnivores, herbivores or omnivores told us what kind of food animals eat.  Keep those words in your head to use in your next job.  Animals can be grouped into 6 main groups according to what they look like:








*Watch the videos on this site to find out about each group:




Then do a bit of detective work and find out about which animals are in each group.  You can draw and label pictures or write lists or do charts or present it however you’d like!  Make sure you say whether the animals are:

Carnivores (eating meat).

Herbivores (eating plants).

Omnivores (eating meat and plants).

Can you find out more information about each animal?


*Did you like my video below?  Who would think you could see so many living things if you look closely enough?  On one of your walks, look carefully and see how many living things you can see.  Find out what they are then make a list or if you can, photograph them to show me.  I’ve put some identification charts below to help you.


*Last week we found out about the first castles built Motte and Bailey castles.  After that when castles were built they became more complicated.  Have a go at labelling the parts of a castle on:

   *School 360


   *Busy Things


   *Beech Class


There is a Motte and Bailey Castle and a Stone Keep Castle to try.


*This week we have the launch of our May Half Term Art Competition.  Now come on you lot, some of you are fantastic artists.  Have a go at entering but not yet! The rules are below.  Remember DON’T SEND THEM TO ME!  Mrs Smith (from Willow Class) is judging so email them to her at:


       michelle.smith@ swansfield.northumberland.sch.uk


I’m giving you lots of warning as the closing date isn’t until Wednesday 3rd June, so don’t rush!

Take care my Beech Class friends and don't forget to ask Mums and Dads to email me some photos so I can see your super work.