Art Intent Statement, Skill Progression and Policy

Art Intent Statement

At Swansfield Park Primary School, our intent is to provide an exciting, stimulating and challenging Art and Design curriculum for all our children, showing the importance of human creativity and introducing every member of our school community to a wide range of art and artists, including those from different periods and cultures. This in turn creates world citizens with an understanding of how art impacts and enhances societies and our surroundings. Every year, there is a clear progression of skills which build on prior learning – such as use of tools and techniques with increasing mastery. Children are encouraged to use their growing knowledge and skills to take risks, experiment and initiate their own work. They are expected to be reflective learners, thinking about how they can make changes and improve their work. This should be continuous throughout the process, with evidence of age-related written and verbal reflection. We want the children at Swansfield Park Primary School to see how art can shape the future and to see the potential in themselves as successful artists – now, throughout the rest of their education and beyond.