Blog- wb 24th May

We've made it all the way to the end of term and the children have worked really hard! They are definitely ready for a restful half term before our final 6 weeks of the school year. Can you believe it! What a year this has been!
This week we have rounded off our topic work by learning all about bees. We have learnt lots about bees this week- can you remember anything you have learnt? Did you know that a group of bees is called a colony? Did you know that the Queen bee is in charge of the hive? Did you know each cell inside the hive is shaped like a hexagon? Did you know that not all bees make honey?
I could go on and on with facts but I am sure your child will be able to tell you lots! If they need a reminder you can enjoy this video on BBC Iplayer (we watched the first 7 minutes).....  
To help us understand more about bees we enjoyed lots of fun activities throughout the week. The children really enjoyed making their own hexagon shaped cells with little bees. They enjoyed developing their fine motor skills by using tweezers to move yellow and black pom poms into egg boxes. They loved learning how to waggle dance just like bees! Can you remember why bees have the waggle dance? That's right, they use it to communicate to other bees to tell them where there are flowers with lots of nectar. They also LOVED tasting honey. We decided thst it tastes very sweet and sticky.  
A big thank you to a little girl in apple class who kindly asked her grandad to bring in his bee keeping equipment. The children LOVED seeing a real bee keepers suit, a smoker and some honeycomb.
Very exciting news, on Tuesday we released our 5 butterflies out into the world. The children were very sad to see them go but were very excited to see them fly for the first time! See the pictures attached! The butterflies didn't want to leave us either!
In other learning, the children have practiced writing numbers focusing on pencil grip and number formation.  Some of us simply worked on recognising numbers. Keep practicing number formation when you can at home too.
Outside we had lots of fun having a mini beast treasure hunt. The children searched for pictures of minibeasts and told Mrs Pickard all they knew. They really have learnt alot! Well done apples!
A polite ask to everyone, if your child brings home toys from nursery please can they be returned- especially toy cars! We understand that they are very exciting but they don't come cheap and  we are missing lots. Thank you in advance.
After half term we will be busy with lots of summer time learning and hopefully we will have some sunshine to enjoy. Please remember to keep suncream and a sun hat at school for warmer days.  Please continue to bring a water bottle everyday.
Have a restful week everyone and don't forget we don't return until Tuesday 8th June.
Take care- Miss F