Blog- wb 28th June

These weeks are flying by, I can't believe some of us only have two full weeks left in Apple class! We will continue to work really hard and learn lots before the end of term.
This week we have had lots of under the sea fun and enjoyed listening to the story "Commotion in the Ocean" as a stimulus for our learning. We read the story throughout the week and learnt more about the different sea creatures as the week progressed. We talked about which were our favourites and found out some interesting facts along the way. The most popular sea creatures are: shark, whale, turtle, octopus and jelly fish!
We used the story to inspire us and help us get creative! The children LOVED making their own sea creatures and thought carefully about their choice of materials, colours and tools to stick everything together. The children are becoming much more independent makers and with prompt are able to create a plan of their creations before starting. When you're making something at home, try to encourage your child to plan their model first. They could either draw a plan or explain what they would like to do. This helps clarify their ideas and become more creative thinkers.
In our mathematical work, the children enjoyed cutting out numbered fish and matching the numeral to the correct amount under the sea. Some of us matched the numeral and amount on site, some of us were able to use our counting skills to count the amounts first and then match the number and some of us needed some support to touch count the amounts. Either way, lots of important maths skills practiced!
This week the children were inspired by the toy pirate ship and so they have enjoyed playing "pirates" most of the week. We had lots of fun making treasure maps, making a pirate ship, walking the plank and digging for treasure.  Role play is so valuable for developing communication and language skills, turn taking, developing your imagination and working as a team!
We have continued to spend lots of time outside in the sunshine and the children are loving being outdoors! Thank you for bringing in sun hats and sun cream, this means we can spend longer outside having fun.
Have a lovely restful weekend- Miss F