Blog 05/10/20

WOW, Happy October!
Last week we got straight down to some more mark making, this was  a little bit challenging but good for us! We have really been encouraging the children to recognise their name or at least the main letter of their name and to help this, all the children had a go at writing the first letter of their name. Jenny and Katy supported the children with their writing skills such as how to grip and hold the pen using pick and flick or baby shark fingers, this is one skill we are hoping all children will be able to learn by the end of the term when holding a mark making tool. With Katy and Jenny they had a go at the formation of the letter skillfully using the pen on to the paper, why not try this at home! The children did so well and even remembered from last time how to hold the pen/pencil as well as having a go at the formation themselves. 
Another skill we had a go at last week was on wacky Wednesday...and when I say wacky I literally mean wacky, the children had a go at an aiming game. Pictures and videos below! The children took turns and shared beautifully as well as aiming really hard through the hoops. I could see lots of children really engaged and changing tactics to get the ball through hoop by changing position, holding the stick a different way or repositioning the ball and learning through trial and error independently.
We also had some time outside where more mark making took place, this time lead by our Cherry chums! Lots of free hand, making their own marks and putting meaning to marks also. 
Some Cherries have been making their own houses in the junk modelling area with Katy, just like the Three little pigs, our main story of the week. During story the children have helped fill in missing points and loved to be the big bad wolf. 
From Tuesday this week we have had a change in staffing.  Katy will no long be with us and we will have the lovely Maja joining us. Maja also helps out in school nursery as well as lunch club and will be a fab addition to the Cherry team!
A fabulous week with our Cherries! Let's have another...Claire