Blog 06/11/2020

Well what a busy week our Cherry Chums have had! We have all come back brilliantly after a  short rest and raring to go.
My last blog and this blog will not have pictures/videos uploaded as we are having some technical issues this is currently being sorted and when it has I will pop them up! This is also for our learning journals as well. Please bear with me! Thank you.
This week we have been celebrating Bonfire night and making lovely chalk pictures using different shapes of lines, we have also been back out on the field exploring - we even got to see one of our squirrel friends who made an appearance. The children were very quiet watching the squirrel and huddled up and watched him jump from tree to tree and scurry around the Chestnut Tree.
We have also started reading little bits of the Gingerbread man. The children have loved using the puppets to make there own stories or using phrases from the original story.
We have also been practising sentence making. Using story cards with no words and exploring new/old vocabulary. The children have been looking at the cards and telling me what is happening in the pictures, they have also explored asking questions. 
Have a good weekend guys and will see you Monday, Claire :-)