Blog 1- wb 19thApril

Welcome back to Apple class blog! It's been such a long time since our last blog and I am so pleased to be writing again, now that everyone is back! For the benefit of our new parents, I write my blog every Friday to share with you the learning that has happened over the week. You will also get to see some lovely pictures from our week.
Spring is in full bloom here at Nursery and the children are loving exploring our outdoor environment. We started the week looking for signs of Spring and the children enjoyed searching for flowers, buds and shoots and of course we have enjoyed the lovely sunshine this week too! We have talked about other signs of Spring and have discussed what other new life we might see- blossom and new animals being born.
With links to our Spring work, the children have enjoyed recreating Vincent Van Goghs famous blossom tree painting. We have learnt that Van Gogh was an artist who loved to paint. We had a quick look at other paintings he created and then spent time talking about the beautiful blossom.  
In our maths work we have been practicing counting forwards, backwards and from different starting points. As well as this we have had a big focus on touch counting. Lots of us struggle with this so we will keep practicing. Remember, when your child touch counts, they should keep their finger on each object before counting on.   
Outside, we have practiced throwing and catching in groups. As well as developing our gross motor skills, throwing and catching helps us concentrate, listen carefully and take turns. We have also practiced aiming. We set up various buckets, hoopla hoops and targets for the children to aim for. Why not try this in your garden at home? I would love to see pictures on your journal.
As the children are noticing growth outside all around them, we decided to plant our own sunflower seeds. We talked about what the seed will need to grow first, planted the seed and then watered them afterwards. We can't wait to see them grow!
In other learning, the children have enjoyed developing their fine motor skills in the play doh area, by ripping and scrunching pink tissue to make blossom pictures and have enjoyed using scissors to cut and stick.  They have also been busy reading stories, developing their pencil grip by colouring and drawing, engaging in role play, using their imagination in small world play and SO much more!
We have had a fantastic two weeks so far and the new children have settled into Apple class brilliantly! We are so proud of them all!
The weather has been glorious, but, can I please remind people to bring in NAMED sun hats and sun cream. If your child does not have a hat or cream they wont be able to play out for long periods of time.
I hope you have a fantastic weekend and I look forward to seeing you bright and early on Monday.
Take care- Miss F