Blog 12/10/2020

What a fabulous week we had last week. Our Cherries have been super busy. 
The Cherries started off with some messy water play. They loved splashing the water with their hands and watching the effect it had, such as sound and what happened to the water when splashing. Lots of children showed great control when using spoons, jugs, scoops and bowls to transfer the water. 
On Tuesday we had two tasks, one was to colour sort into hoops - pictures below. Claire had a go first and showed the children how to sort out all the objects and toys. The children listened really well. We also had a go at shape sorting squares and triangles. We had to look at the shapes of the objects and decide where it would go.
On Wednesday we went on an autumn hunt, the children had pictures to find the lovely squirrels that are living on our school field, leaves of all colours and conkers. The children had a blast exploring the world around them. They asked questions, learned and used new words, explored and sought experiences together. They were keen adventurers!
On Thursday, we spent time in the garden on a glorious A=autumn morning, Maja brought in her guitar and we sang songs all together, we sang songs we know and used our words and actions to join in!
On Friday with all of our lovely autumn treasures we collected, we made some autumn leaf print pictures. using lots of autumn colours. The children chose lots of leaves to paint and then transfer onto the paper. Enjoy your pictures and videos below!
Fantastic learning week well done Cherries!