Blog 13/20 of November

Hello all Cherry chums and families. 
I thought I would put two blogs in one this week and tell you a little bit about what we have been learning and working on. 
Thank you to parents who kept me posted of your children in need at home, it was lovely to see pictures and hear all about what you have been getting up to, to help raise money. 
As you are aware from the newsletter, I have been trudging through assessments for our little Cherries, some of you may have received your child's assessment and some of you may have received your child's two year check. If you have not, don't worry they will be on the way to you very shortly. This gives you information on where your child is at regarding their learning and development at present and some next steps to be focusing on at home and preschool.
Over the past two weeks the children have very much been interested in numbers and shape, space and measure in their own play as well as with the adults in the setting enhancing their interests. Last week the children had lots of fun exploring through colour and shapes and had a go at repeating patterns. As well as this, in the classroom they have explored different jigsaws such as inserting and putting 2-3 jigsaw pieces together independently or in small groups. They also created their own very big train track using their busy brains to see what bits of track were the correct ones to use and measure to see if they would fit.  The track was then enjoyed during the children's own pretend play.  
The children have also been brilliant sharers this week and really taking on board each others needs and wants and accommodating each other. This has been lovely to watch and in turn is also helping and nurturing new and current relationships.  
I have also observed our older children creating their own role play by taking on roles to explore pretend play such as going to the shops. The children used the chairs to create a shop and used props to accommodate their own play.
This week has very much been about counting.  Some children are counting independently, some like to count on one more, others are having a go at writing numbers. During these activities the children have again taken on board and remembered how to hold mark making tools from previous activities and really engaged in their learning.
To end the week off we have had a lovely story told by one of our little Cherry Chums!
Great job Cherries well done!