Blog 14/09/20

Hello everyone,
Well what a first couple of weeks it has been. I wanted to wait until everyone had their first day so I was able to upload some pictures for you all to see. 
The children have very much been getting a feel for the classroom, exploring all toys and areas. We, as a team, have taken this opportunity to touch base with our current Cherries as well a getting to know our new Cherries. 
Our Cherries have been taking very big steps, more so during current times and have been fantastic, and really showed us how amazing two year olds are.
This week is going to be a little more structured as we introduce a more structured set up.  Children will come into the setting, greet each other with our good morning routine, learn to sit on the carpet for a small amount of time, talk about the weather, learn to count and join in with singing , actions and rhymes.  They will also have little jobs to do,, they will sit down for snack and to help to tidy up.
Plan for this week:
Messy Monday - Painting collage using rollers, brushes, sponges. This links to the Physical Development and Expressive Arts and Design aspects of our curriculum. 
Tinkering Tuesday - Little Pigs Straw houses - using some plastic straws children will have a go at building their own straw house. This links to the Physical Development and Communication and Language aspects of our curriculum. 
Writing Wednesday -  Lets get those busy hands and fingers to work - using a pencil correctly and having a go at following the lines. This links to the Physical Development and Literacy aspects of our curriculum.
Thinking Thursday - time to use our brains and match the shapes. This links to Mathematical Development and Communication and Language in our curriculum.
Fun day Friday - Gross motor skills commence - time to have a game of football, children will learn to pass, share, listen, talk to each other, get ready to go outside (getting suits and boots on).  This links to Communication and Language and Physical Development within our curriculum. 
Throughout our whole week we'll be focusing upon the Personal and Social Development aspect of our curriculum. 
Looking forward to sharing all of our learning with you,