Blog 16/10/2020

Happy Monday Guys!
Well what can I say another fantastic week with our Cherry Chums last week, I have been getting some fabulous feedback from some parents that children are remembering techniques we have taught them when holding mark making tools! Amazing. I have also had some fab feedback from our learning journals now that more and more pictures and observations are being added, I know some of you had a few problems, this should be resolved if not please let me know!
On Monday we started off the week with the children making their very own collage using leaf sponge printing! The children loved to use the sponges and made some awesome leaf prints. They listened carefully with instructions and had a good go. They also enjoyed mixing the colours together.
Tuesday, we had a go at scissor control, Maja supported the children using various cutting tools to help your children learn how to hold the scissors, snip and cut, guide the scissors etc. This was a tricky task and we kept this going throughout the week to really encourage the children to snip the paper.
Wednesday we had a go at tracing around the numicon - another fiddly job for those hand and eye coordination skills. The children really enjoyed using the numicon! For those who aren't familiar with numicon, numicon represents numbers 1-10. They are colour coordinated and have holes in of the number it is representing you will see below on pictures! We use these as a counting tool and making number lines in class. 
Thursday, we had a go at using lots of beads and string as well as using string to wrap around natural things of the classroom. The guys had a go at tangling and untangling. 
Friday we had abit of a change of plan as the leaves were to wet to collect to make some Autumn crowns for our Cherries so instead we painted some tickly dinosaur feet and used them to stomp around a tree making some leaf marks. The children like to shout "stomp stomp" and "rah rah". 
Next week we have another busy week, lots of pumpkin exploring - watch this space! Stay safe Claire