Blog 2- wb 26th April

This week has flown by! Another busy week full of lots of exciting new learning despite the wetter weather! *There are still some children without wellies at Nursery- please remember to bring some in for wet days*
This week we have begun learning about mini beasts/insects that we might find in our garden/our world around us. Every day we started by looking at different pictures of minibeasts/insects and talked about their name, what they look like, where they might live, what they might eat and how we can look after them. The children knew the names of several creatures (bee, worm, snail, slug, fly, butterfly and caterpillar) but there were some they didn't recognise (dragonfly, centipede, grasshopper, woodlouse). The children found out some interesting facts during the week... did you know that if a creature has 6 legs it is in fact an insect? Did you know a worm has 5 hearts? Did you know a bee collects nectar from flowers to turn it into honey? Did you know that lots of insects have antennae to help them feel and smell?
As our classroom assistant Mrs Pickard is Forest school leader, she really enjoyed taking groups outside throughout the week to hunt for mini beats/insects, learn more about their homes and she even helped us to build a "bug hotel" and some smaller insect habitats. As part of this learning, the children learned how to keep safe when using tools. Hand over hand, children supported Mrs Pickard to use a saw and cut the wood to size. They also used small hammers to join materials together.  We cant wait to see what insects come to visit us at Apple class. 
In our mathematical work we have been sorting  and comparing different mini beats/insects. We thought carefully about the different ways we could sort them (has got wings/has not got wings, has got antennae/has not got antennae, can fly/can not fly etc.) and then compared the groups to see which group had most/least insects. Most of the children could sort and identify the features but some us needed support to compare the group sizes. This is something we will practice moving forward.
As well as sorting and comparing, the children have had another chance to practice counting out sets and recognising numbers with support from our classroom assistant Olivia. 
Another fun part of our week has been very messy! The children have loved painting their own mini beasts/creatures using their hands and feet! This activity will continue over the next couple of weeks and I cant wait to share with you our mini beast display.
A very exciting part of the week has been the delivery of our caterpillars! As part of our learning we are going to watch them change into butterflies (are new vocabulary for the week- metamorphosis) . The children are already fascinated with looking closely at the caterpillars. Next week we are going to focus on this specifically with a story focus of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". 
Around the classroom the children have had opportunity to practice cutting and sticking, mak marks, develop their fine motor skills by squeezing, pushing and pressing play doh and engage in mini beast small world play.
An important part of our learning this week has been dressing independently for the outdoors. Lots of children need support taking their shoes on and off, putting their coat on, and dressing in our outdoor suits. Please practice these skills as much as possible at home so your child feels confident and independent. We will of course keep practicing at nursery too!
Please don't forget about our shared learning task- to bring in some pictures of your child enjoying their favourite outdoor spot (playing in the garden, visiting the beach, Alnwick Gardens etc). We are spending lots of time outside at the moment and we would love to make an outdoor display to celebrate the importance of outdoor learning.
Have a great weekend everyone! See you on Monday- Miss F