Blog 21/09/20

Okay, so this week this is what the children will be getting busy with:
The children are very much exploring shapes at moment, around the classroom this week's magic shape is a star! How many stars can you find around your home? Bring in a magic number to show me! The number can be written, painted, made - anything you like! 
Messy Monday - Mark making with cars - using different types of cars and track marks the children can make their own patterns and pictures using paint to create and explore through colour, as well as marks. This links to Expressive Arts and Design.
Tuesday - Tinkering Tuesday - Stick houses - just like the Three Little Pigs, the children will go on the hunt for their own sticks, they will cut down the sticks to the right size to make their own house. We will have lots of conversations around stick sizes such as smaller and bigger and maybe even put them in size order. This links to Mathematics and Communication and Language in our curriculum. 
Writing Wednesday -  Piggy maps - using our pencil control and those pincer grasps the children will have a go at following the map from start to finish. This links to Physical development and Mathematical development. 
Thinking Thursday - Shape sort - sorting many shapes into groups of the same. This links to Mathematical development. 
Fun day Friday - Making a den as a team! This links to Communication and Language and Physical Development.
Last week we had a really busy friends joined us, the children have been painting their very own Cherries for our Cherry family board, they completed some shape matching with Katy using a pen from one star to another on the shape worksheet, we made shapes using plastic straws, During all busyness the children were inside and outside helping with garden jobs and also enjoying their own play while making new friends. 
Lets have a good week Cherries