Blog 22/10/2020

Another busy week this week for our little Cherry Chums and wrapping up for the end of this half term!
We started the week making their very own hedgehogs, we helped the children cut the materials up into triangles and let them design and make their own hedgehog. They had lots of fun sticking!
We have also been exploring pumpkins this week, the sizes, colour, weight, what's inside a pumpkin etc. The children also give these dirty pumpkins a good clean, a great way to help hand and eye coordination and making our busy fingers strong. 
We ended the week exploring inside the pumpkins, we cut open the pumpkins so the children could explore with their own tools and senses and let them investigate the skin, the pips/seeds, the pulp and stalk. They had so much fun!
I hope you have a fabulous half term remember we break up Thursday the 22nd of October and return on Monday the 2nd of November. See you all soon, stay safe guys Claire :-)