Blog 24th Sept 2021

Whoosh and another week has gone!
What a delight it has been to be in Apple Class this week - watching the children grow in confidence and really start feeling familiar with new routines and new friends. 
We've continued to think about 'ourselves' this week and we thought about our homes and who lives with us.  We found similarities with each other and also some differences. For example - many of us have 4 people living in our house but others have more or less than this. Some of us have pets while others don't. Maybe at the weekend you could talk about your family and home and compare this with family friends. How do your homes and families differ and how are they the same?
We spent a lot of time this week with a well known story book family - The Three Bears. We learnt about a visitor to their house.  I wonder if your children can tell you who the visitor was and what she got up to!?
You may have seen evidence of our porridge fun throughout the week on your child's clothing! The children had a fabulous time exploring the feel of porridge in our outdoor tuff tray on Monday and Tuesday.  This was a wonderful opportunity to hear and use descriptive vocabulary - soft, squidgy, gloopy, slimy, slippery and many more fabulous words!  At the end of the week, rolled oats were a little less messy but just as much fun to play with. 
We learnt a song and a rap about the Three Bears and we do hope that you enjoy the video that we've attached. Encourage your child to join in as you listen together. 
It would be great if you could re-tell the story of Goldilocks and Three Bears over the weekend, giving your child lots of opportunities to join in and to talk about the events and the characters. 
Have a great weekend and we'll see you next week.