Blog 27/11/2020

Hello Cherry Chums
Another fabulous week at the Cherry HQ. Children have been very busy. 
Last week we have been making a start to our festive activities, along with learning all about the cold as the children had lots to say it about it!
The children have no doubt told you about our festive activities. I can't go into much detail as the children are very much wanting to keep it surprise for dads/mums. 
Because of the cold weather, some slight frost and in keeping with the children's interests we explored some ice, but first we had to rescue the animals who were stuck and use our brains to get them out, we had banging of the ice with tools, pouring water over the ice, trying to drop the ice...endless. The children loved this activity and used words such as cold, freezing, what is it? what's happened?, hard, heavy, stuck, how do we get them out? Lots of discussions about the ice and saving the animals! 
Children also had a go at building some igloos using the blocks and lots of other construction items to assist them making their structures.
Thank you to parents who are contributing to learning journals this is great to see! 
Another fabulous week well done!