Blog 28/09/20

Happy Monday guys!
Just wanted to showcase our fabulous 2 year olds. Last week they were full of busy! As well as learning through play, they had a few tasks to complete. Pictures below...
Some of the children made their very own stick house, some even had a go at cutting up the sticks using scissors or putting the sticks in a line from small to big.  We had lots of spreading of the glue and making sure there was plenty on!
Others explored through colour using cars as mark making tools, this was a winner with those children who love small world play and don't really like to put pencil to paper. They made their own marks by mixing the colours up.
Our tricky task was following a map and working out how to get from A to B using a pen, this was quite tricky so we used our finger first and talked through the simple map before using the pen. Lots of children using those pick and flick fingers and baby sharks!
The children are becoming accustomed to the routines in Cherry, such as sitting down for their snack and engaging with others using communication/social skills, using manners, following hygiene routines, joining in with tidy up time and the tidy up song. The children are also taking part in group work such as good morning time, songs, dancing. They are making efforts to try on the toilet and are showing us they want to be independent when going to the toilet or at least having a try!  
On fun day Friday we finished off the week with some balloon madness! It was our fabulous Jenny's birthday so we had a lovely day celebrating as a class and took part in some balloon games/skills, catching, throwing and balancing. We had so much fun!
Looking forward to a good week with our Cherry Chums, Claire