Blog 3- wb 3rd May

Welcome back everyone, a very quick but enjoyable week in Apple class! We have learnt lots and had lots of mini beast fun!
This week we have centred our learning around the story "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". Last week we had a delivery of caterpillars and the children are LOVING watching them grow. As they grow we are learning some new vocabulary- enormous, gigantic, humongous. After reading the story of the hungry caterpillar, the children understood a bit more about the process of metamorphosis and the life cycle of butterflies. The story helped to embed this knowledge and helped them with our first task of the week-to sequence the story. The children were given pictures from the story and were asked to put them in order. After having read the story and talking about the life cycle, most of us did this with ease. We practiced using story language ("first", "next", "After that", "the next day") as we did this. 
In our maths work, the children enjoyed making their own repeating pattern caterpillars. First they drew a face and then using their fingers (and paint) they made a repeating pattern body. Some of us understood a 2 part pattern but lots of us needed some support with a 3 part pattern. Keep practicing 2 part and 3 part patterns at home.
We have spent lots of the week outside mini beast hunting! The children have been so engaged and interested in what they can find in our garden. I have encouraged them to ask questions and make comments. For example, I wonder what this mini beast likes to eat? Or wow look at that snails huge shell!. We have had some super comments and questions throughout the week, well done!
As well as this, the children have enjoyed developing fine motor skills in the play doh area and have loved making an doh spots for lady birds, play doh stripes for bees, play doh legs for spiders and so on. Why not make some play doh and have a go at home? I'd love to see some pictures of your creations on your journals.
Next week, we will continue to centre our learning around "the very hungry caterpillar". There is so much more learning that can be done and the children have shown such interest in the story and the life cycle of a butterfly.
A reminder to parents/carers that when you drop off/pick up your child please remember to maintain a social distance and where a mask when on school site. Thank you.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend. See you next week- Miss F