Blog 5- wb 17th May

Another great week full of lots of learning! We have one week left to go before we break for half term and the children have done very well this half term and I can tell they are tired. Keep up the great work Apple class!
This week in our topic work we have continued to develop our knowledge of the word symmetry by using paint to make symmetrical butterflies. The children had lots of fun using circles and squares to make patterns on their pictures, well done.
We have spent lots of time outside this week sprucing up our garden. The children have done a fantastic job helping Mrs Pickard plant flowers, sweep, collect weeds and tidy- well done! We also spent lots of time outside in our new "builders yard" role play area. The children had fun building towers, houses and other structures using bricks/blocks. They had fun transporting the bricks in wheelbarrows and had fun "using tools" just like real builders.  Some great role play, turn taking and language development.
On Wednesday it was National Numeracy day and so this week we have had lots of mathematical fun! In continuous provision the children have built shapes and structures using clixi, they have enjoyed exploring numicon and representing different numbers, they have loved exploring numberblocks and they have enjoyed colouring by numbers.
The children have also loved playing a maths game this week. In this game they had to roll a dice, count the spots (or subitize) and count out the correct amount of counters into their 10's frame. The first person to fill their frame was the winner. They really enjoyed this game! Lots of us are getting better at subitizing (knowing the amount on the dice without counting the spots) but some of us still need practice. We will keep working on subitizing. If you would like to practice subitizing at home you could watch these super Jack Hartmann videos....
Some of us also need practice counting out set amounts. We are great at counting in order but sometimes we forget to stop counting when we reach the given amount. Keep practicing at home.
In other learning we have been busy dressing independently for the outdoors, practicing cutting and sticking, handling books carefully, tapping a steady beat and practicing rhyme.
Next week will be our last week with a minibeast focus and we will be learning all about bees. We have lots of fun activities planned!
*EXCITING NEWS- today two of our butterflies hatched. We are now waiting on the other three before we release them back into the outside world. If you didn't get to see them today, your child will see them on Monday and Tuesday.
Have a super weekend... fingers crossed for some brighter weather! 
Take care, Miss F