Blog Week Ending 01/10/21

Another busy week in Pear class and despite the wetter weather this week, we have still managed to get outside and enjoy our play times. Everyone is continuing to work so hard and we are very proud. 
 In Read write inc, Reception children have learnt the sounds n,p,g. They enjoyed another visit from "Sandy and Sally Sounds" who taught them all they need to know about each sound. During RWI children have time to practice correct letter formation, develop fine motor skills and take part in fun creative activities that help consolidate their learning of each sound.
In maths we have been continuing our work on sorting. We have been deepening our understanding by explaining how we have sorted different items and have independently been grouping items in multiple ways. Alongside this we have been sorting and naming 2d shapes. The emphasis here has been focusing on the properties of these shapes. Your child may be able to tell you how many sides or corners each shape has! We had a lovely time outside on the field recreating these new findings using natural materials.
In our topic work this week we have been investigators! we have been looking at the seasonal changes to our school environment and the learning all about the process seed dispersal! Using playdough as our backdrop, we went on an early Autumn walk around the school grounds looking at the seeds that have begun to fall from the trees and the plants, flowers in our environment that have begun to change as they loose their colours and petal ready to spread their seeds. We enjoyed a lovely story that explains this process called 'The Tiny Seed' and this song is another medium through which you may be able to engage your child in discussion about the changes in the natural world around them and why these changes are happening:
We have also focused on introducing some of our key vocabulary: season, conker, pine cone, fur cone, chestnut tree, deciduous and evergreen as well as bringing many of the items we had discovered back into the classroom to investigate and explore further.
Later in the week we looked in closer detail at a sunflower in the process of decay and discussed had it always looked like this? What changes have happened from how it looked in the past? Had the tones and shades of colour stayed the same or had they faded and darkened? We used our observation skills to closely consider the different colours and textures that we could see and created our own beautiful sunflower paintings.
This week I also introduced our classroom magical door to the children. In Pear Class garden here is a magic door that has never been opened by any of our classes - we do not know what is behind it but the children had lots of wonderful ideas such as mythical creatures, goblins, wizards and fairies. In order to encourage reluctant writers I introduced the children to secret agent symbols. Writing letters at this stage is difficult - many children are put off by this, particularly if they struggle with fine motor skills - the secret symbols are accessible to all and it was a wonderful sight watching all of the children, especially those who would never choose to mark make, engaged in using these symbols to unlock the magic door!
We finished the week off celebrating European Languages Day. As it is more relevant for our children at this age, we focused on dialect within language and looked at Northumbrian and Yorkshire peoples local sayings, traditions and cultures. As a Yorkshire bred lass, I taught the children my local sayings and we greeted one another in the morning with a Northumbrian: 'alreet hinny!' to celebrate their own local dialect.  We enjoyed listening to some Yorkshire and Northumbrian accents-  we thought that Yorkshire people sounded really funny! Alongside this we made Northumbrian sausages, produced strong Yorkshire tea, listened to the Northumbrian pipes and even baked (and ate) our own Yorkshire puddings! 
Another fantastic week of learning and we look forward to next week's adventures!
Have a great weekend,
Mrs H-S
European languages Day!
Magic Maths!
Topic :Seasonal changes investigation!
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