Blog week ending 05/11/21

We have had a fantastic first week back after half term in Pear Class with lots of busy hands and brains!

In Read Write Inc, the children have learnt the sounds e, l and h with our good friends Sally and Sandy Sounds. We have been looking at words beginning with these letter sounds and then importantly we have practiced writing them. We have had huge focus on correct formation and pencil grip. Please use the sheets that have been sent home to consolidate your child's pencil grip and letter formation. Our red words this week were me and be. We have been working hard to use these words alongside the red words we have already learnt and we have been trying hard to spot these tricky red words in our books in the reading corner as well as in the environment that surrounds us. Remember to keep practising with the red sound mat that we sent home at half term to ensure the children know these words at a glance.

 In our mathematical work, we have been learning about the numbers 2 and 3. We have been looking closely at how the composition (how numbers are made up) of these numbers using the stem sentences:

‘1 and another 1 makes 2’ and

‘2 and another 1 makes 3’  

We have been working hard using our fingers to represent these numbers and ensure that it is clear to the children that numbers are comprised of other numbers added together. We consolidated this learning by using the large numicon, so that the children could practically see that the number bond for two could be made up of 1 and another 1, or 0 and another 2 and that for 3 the number bonds could be made up of 1 and another 1 and another 1 or 2 and another 1 to make 3. We have introduced + and = for those children who are already understanding this concept but at this stage our focus is on Learning to 'see' a whole number and its parts at the same time as this is a key development in children's number understanding.

 We have enjoyed sorting the numbers too. As always, we have enjoyed using number blocks as a stimulus for our learning and we enjoyed watching episodes 3,4 and 5. Aferwards, we took part in lots of fun activities to consolidate our learning. We enjoyed writing numbers 2 and 3, making pictures/paintings all about 2 and 3, sorting 1/2 pence pieces and we have been sorting pictures that represent numbers 2 and 3. 

 In our topic work this week it has been all things Bonfire Night. Our key vocabulary for this week has been: celebrate, customs, past, present, Parliament, gunpowder, plot. We will revisit these words regularly in the classroom, but please try to use these at home in your discussions with your children.

The children enjoyed learning all about the story of Guy Fawkes and his plot to blow up the houses of Parliament with gun powder. We looked at pictures of Guy Fawkes and King James and discussed how we thought that these people dressed differently to how people dress today, they wore funny hats and clothes! We were able to decide that this story happened a long time ago, long before we were born – in the past. The children thought it was very sad that because these people had different ideas that we call ‘beliefs’ that they wanted to hurt one another. Check your child’s understanding to see if they can recall the story and the reason why this story has led to our Bonfire Night celebrations and customs!


As part of this topic the children have has a wonderful time building bonfires, creating elaborate Houses of Parliament, printing firework pictures and enjoyed discussing their own present Bonfire Night traditions.

 As it has been Halloween recently and with many of us having a tradition of enjoying toffee and chocolate apples, we discovered a visitor to our classroom! Sparkle and Shine the tooth fairy has arrived and she was keen to speak to us all about tooth health. We have created a teeth brushing station in our classroom where we can check our teeth and look at the instructions on good teeth hygiene. Sparkle and shine has also left us some dirty teeth so that we can help to keep them clean by not eating too much sugar, brushing twice a day and not drinking juice and fizzy drinks. There are small certificates for the children if they are looking after their teeth well. If you could let me know how your child is doing with their tooth brushing routine at home and I can then hand out a certificate from Sparkle and Shine for their hard work!

In drawing club this week we have been reading the story 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. We had a fantastic time drawing our very own troll and creating something to help the bad troll climb out of the river. The children's use of why and how questions is really developing in Drawing Club, as one child demonstrated: ' Why do you think I have drawn a ginormous ladder? Because the bad troll has super long arms and he wraps them around the ladder - can yous see? and pulls himself up speedy and then he jumps down onto the goats!' We are becoming wonderful story tellers in Pear Class!

 Later in the week we have continued to think about Guy Fawkes and Bonfire night.  We have had a lot of fun listening and discussing Handel's firework music, role-playing the story, talking about safety with fireworks and using 2d shapes to make rockets.  As it has been COP26 this week we have also had a look at how we can help our environment and the importance of keeping plastic out of the ocean.

In our PSHE session we have been talking about what we are good at and how we are all good at different things.  It would be great if you could talk to your child at home about what you are good at and why so they begin to appreciate different types of achievements.


Have a wonderful weekend.

The Pear Class team

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