Blog week ending 16th April

Great to be back to the classroom this week.  The sun has been shining, the smiles have been out and we’ve got stuck into our summer curriculum!

We began the week with a classic story, Jack and the Beanstalk.  The children loved joining in with this firm favourite.  We then spent some time planting beans of our own.  Unfortunately, these ones will take longer than overnight to grow but, with a bit of care, they should be shooting up in no time. Our class garden has had lots of use this week and the children have had a fabulous time in the mud kitchen, the investigation shed and with our giant's castle.

A major incident occurred in Pear class this week. We noticed our special class egg had gone missing and we then found a letter from the giant instructing us that in order to get the egg back, we would need to write letters asking for it! The children really enjoyed creating their own letters and trying to problem solve as to how we would make our own beanstalks to climb up to the giant's castle.

  Later in the week, we got a bit philosophical as we debated whether it is ever right to steal.  Was it ok for Jack to take things from the giant?  Some of us thought yes and some thought no.  The important thing was that we were able to give reasons for our choices.  We quickly learnt that it wasn’t a clear cut case!  Maybe you could carry this discussion on at home.

In our mathematical work, we’ve been telling addition stories.  The ability to explain the calculations that we make will pave the way for us to begin some subtraction work next week. We have also been making repeating patterns and ensuring that we can create, continue and explain these patterns with some independence.

Within RWI, our new sounds this week are or, shut the door and air, that’s not fair. Please reinforce these sounds at home. The children have been reading and writing green words and practising red words too.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their session with Lee from NUF on Tuesday.  The Paw Patrol game was a real hit!  Later in the week, we had fun playing the magic bean game in the hall and using our bodies in different ways - a big favourite was the jellybean! 

Hoping that everyone has a great weekend. Let’s hope that the sunshine continues!

See you all on Monday.

Jack and the Beanstalk Topic!
Building the giant's castle!
Enjoying our PE!
Exploring Time!