Blog Week ending 18/06/21

Well that is the end of another fantastic week of learning in Pear class!
We started the week exploring our new seaside topic in response to the traditional song 'Oh I do like to be beside the seaside'. The children enjoyed talking about their memories from the past of their own visits to the seaside and they shared with their friends the sensory experiences they could remember; what they had seen, touched, smelt, tasted and heard. From this discussion, we created seaside sensory collages, complete with obligatory sand and shells!
Alongside this we enjoyed making sand and shell art in the outside tuff tray, exploring the ocean creatures in our water tray and exploring the differences and similarities with a selection of different shells. The children were intrigued by the different colours, patterns and textures and we considered what these shells might have seen? who lived in it and where it might have been? It was really interesting to hear the different ideas from the children with one child's insightful answer; 'the shell has seen lots of people's pasts and that shell might be sat in a circle like us with other shells discussing what it has seen and smelt and heard.'
With a special day coming up this week we revisited families and the differences amongst us. We discussed that father's day was about any of the special males in our life and we each chose a person we would like to make a card for. The cards we make in Pear class are a unique representation from your child to you, there is no one size fits all, so we hope that you enjoy what your child has chosen to make!
In our maths work this week we have been doubling with numicon with many of us  noticing the pattern that when we double numbers, the answers are counting up in 2's! 
double 1=2
double 2=4
It would be helpful if you continue to work on doubling at home, reinforcing the idea that doubling is adding two of the same amount of items/numbers together. 
Alongside doubling, we have also enjoyed exploring capacity this week with a trip to the milkshake cafe. The children enjoyed using the water tray to fill up their cups -some of us found nearly full and half tricky so working on this language at bath time will be a great way to consolidate the children's understanding.
We hope that you have a fantastic weekend and we look forward to another week of fun on Monday.
Mrs H-S
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