Blog week ending 2nd Oct

 * In Pear Class the children enjoy talking about their own interests and opinions - even the quieter members! Please send me emails of your child's pictures/favourite toys or anything else that they would like to 'show and tell'. This skill of sharing with a group is one we would like to cultivate this year in reception. I already have several parents who regularly send me things so please join in - the children love to share!
Time for a relaxing weekend after a fun and busy week. Who can believe that it is the end of September- the end of your child's first month in reception! This week has been action packed as usual and it is wonderful to see things begin to click into place for the children and see our breakthrough mathematicians and writing wizards!
In our RWI work this week we have been focusing on the letter sounds 't','p' and 'g'. We have had a visit from both Sally and Sandy on separate days and we continue to impress them with our sound knowledge.  It would be great if you could reinforce recognition of these letters and their formation at home. In the next few weeks, we'll begin to build short three letter words with the sounds we have learnt so far.  This is always an exciting time as the children realise that they can be readers.  On that subject, we will be sharing news of digital books that you can share at home in the next few weeks. We will not be sending reading books home with children as we normally would, but we're really pleased with this new scheme that we've bought into. 
In our mathematical work, we've been focusing on place value to 5.  Having an understanding of place value means that you have a secure knowledge of number order and value - knowing that 3 is more than 1 and 2 is less than 5, for example. The children have ordered number cards to 5 and matched the digit cards to the relevant piece of Numicon (you can see this in our pictures below).  In addition to this, we've been sorting this week.  We sorted cars into groups- those that were cars and those that were trucks as well as each other during carpet activities. It was tricky to pick out one person from a group that was different. In one group of five, the children cleverly guessed the child in the group that was different because they didn't have the school emblem om their cardigan! We learnt that when we sort - we put things that are the same or similar together. Maybe you could try some sorting at the weekend. Autumn leaves is a great place to start as the children in Pear class love picking out the different colours. The important thing is to ask your child how they are going to sort and to explain their groupings. 
In our shape, space and measure work we have been making 2d shapes with our Autumn treasures that we collected in the school grounds. We added hexagon into our knowledge bank this week, perhaps you could cut up some hexagon shapes and challenge your child to find them around the house -see if they can carefully count the sides!
We also used our Autumn treasures to make some repeating patterns. Another challenge for your child could be to make a pattern with some pegs. Start with different coloured pegs and then try giving them different sized spoons and see if they can create a size pattern : big spoon, small spoon etc. Some children have just about understood the ABA pattern but several children have also moved on in their understanding to some trickier ABBA patterns.
 In our afternoon sessions we have begun to think about the changing season  as we looked around us in our school environment and saw the plant life changing in front of us.  Beautiful and colourful blooms are starting to fade and browns and yellows seem to be taking their place.  We looked closely at these changing plants and discovered that they contain seeds of all shapes and sizes.  We talked about the process of seed dispersal - through animals and the wind that is happening right now.  We also talked about these seeds lying dormant throughout the winter until they burst into life next spring.  Eric Carle's book The Tiny Seed is a great read to explain this process.  We collected lots of lovely items from the school grounds an captured them in our sun catchers as well as creating some transitional art sunflowers with play dough.
On Thursday it was Roald Dahl day. We focused on the poem 'The Tummy Beast' please see our video below-we enjoyed joining in with our growling tummy beast noises! We painted pictures of the food the tummy beast liked to eat, created our own mini poetry books, re-enacted the poem in our home corner and created line drawings of what we thought the tummy beast would look like - there were some interesting interpretations! It was impressive to see the children beginning to utilise their initial sound knowledge when labelling their pictures.
*Well done to this weeks star of the week, Danny Phelan for always being an active and positive member of Pear class!
Have a great weekend, relax and enjoy the Autumnal weather!
Laurie Horne-Smith
Autumn seed hunting!
Autumn exploring!
Magic maths!
Roald Dahl day - The Tummy Beast!
Gloria the escapee chicken paid us a visit!
RWI sound sheets