Blog week ending 4th December

Topic- Night and day!
RWI and our set one sound award ceremony!
Christmas in Pear class!
Another fabulous week of learning done and dusted!
We are nearing the finish line now and it is starting to show with children(and staff) getting tired, but I am sure we can all  push on for an exciting couple of weeks in the run up to Christmas!
This week we have reached the end of our set one sound journey. Our final sound was 'nk' - I think I stink! One that the children found hilarious(especially with the added piggy sound effects) and therefore will hopefully remember! As we have completed our set one sound introduction, Sally came in to see us and we had our own RWI set one awards ceremony. Hopefully the children enjoyed sharing their certificates with you and we hope that you will continue practising and using these sounds at home on a regular basis as we move on over the next few weeks to really perfect our CVC words using our Fred talk blending skills. This week we have been independently making and writing cvc words and for those not yet blending, the focus has been on identifying initial sounds and name writing. Next week I will be sending home sound mats for those children who are still struggling to blend - although these are available on our resources page, it would be beneficial if the parents of these children can cut these mats up into mini sound flashcards and practise them daily.
Our topic work this week has centred around looking at the differences between what we do, see and hear during the night and day. The children enjoyed thinking about why we have night time - we found the UK on the globe and spun the globe to show how as the Earth spins on its axis, it moves away from the Sun and as a result, we have darkness, we can see the moon and it is night time. We considered how at this same time, somewhere else in the world is in darkness and it is therefore night time.  We discussed the differences in day time and night time and thought about what activities we do during the day and that for us as we are not nocturnal, we are not very active at night time as we are fast asleep!

Mrs Horne-Smith then told us about her friend Zog, who is from the planet Zogtoon. We decided that this planet probably wasn't like Earth and probably didn't have night and day as he asked us to tell him all about the differences. We created a class brainstorm and collage in groups so we could make it easier to explain to Zog so he could go back and tell his friends on Planet Zogtoon.  If you ask your child, they will be able to tell you all about why we have darkness and how the moon and the sun are different.

In our literacy work we read 'Day Monkey, Night monkey,'  a story about two friends, one monkey who is nocturnal and one that is active during the day. The book explores friendships and the fear of night time that some children have. Following on from our successful sustained thinking on Owl babies last week, we posed the big question: 'Would you rather be a day monkey or a night monkey: which is more fun?why?' The children really engaged with this class discussion and many children decided that they would prefer to be a day monkey as they are afraid of the dark and they wouldn't be able to see what they were doing. Others argued that like day monkey, they would discover that things just look different in the dark and that they would get to see lots of different animals to daytime and that as a monkey, it might be safer to sleep during the day to hide from predators. 

 In our maths work this week we have moved on to number 10. We enjoyed singing the 10 green bottles song and used the interactive white board to add more bottles as Mrs Horne-Smith is not always very careful at counting, so we had to work together to correct any mistakes. The children also took some maths investigation outside using pinecones making sets equal to a given number and sets that were less than that number. Many children were challenged to make sets of pinecones within the teen numbers as they are now demonstrating confidence with more and less to ten but for those who are still struggling with less we will continue to offer lots of opportunities to practise with practical taking away of objects.
Christmas is well underway in Pear class! We have all helped to decorate our classroom and our tree and we have spent this afternoon turning our home corner into a christmas post office - we will show you the results of this endeavour next week! You may have been told about the new addition to our classroom - Rainbow Sparkle, our very own cheeky Elf who has been up to lots of mischief but who is also here to make sure we are all using kind hands and working hard as Elves should! It as been lovely to hear all about the children's own home Elves and the different traditions that you all have. There has been jingle bells 'a' plenty and Christmas cards and decorations are underway.
Unfortunately our much anticipated trip to the post office to post our Santa letters was unable to take place due to the weather but fingers crossed we will make it there next week!
*Well done to Emily Lamb who is this week's Star of the Week for working hard to write her name beautifully and for developing in confidence in the classroom!
Have a wonderful, restful weekend and we will see you all bright and early Monday morning!
Laurie Horne-Smith