Google Classroom Information

During class closures learning resources will be hosted on Google Classroom for children in KS1 to UKS2. To enable you and your child to access their Google Classroom, please watch these helpful guides.
At all times your child must use their Google account which is their School360 username followed by for example: and their password will remain the same. You may find that if you have a Google account yourself that you need to sign out of your account, this is because only those accounts from the School360 domain are permitted access to your child's Google Classroom.
How to access your child's Google Classroom through a laptop or PC
We recommend that online work is completed on a laptop, PC or Chromebook where possible and where appropriate to the task. However, if you need to upload a photo of a piece of work then using a phone or tablet is easier, which the second video demonstrates.
How to access your child's Google Classroom account using a phone or tablet
We recommend that you download the Google Classroom app, which is free from both the Android and Apple app stores. As above, we recommend that work which is set using Google Docs or Slides is done using a laptop, PC or Chromebook, but if this is not possible it can be done on a phone or tablet. However, you must download the Google Docs, Slides and Drive apps as opening the documents only in Google Classroom will not allow you to edit.