Home Learning Friday 12th March

Hello there!
How lovely to be writing the end of week blog again.  However, I'm not going to write much this week.  More than anything, I want to tell you that the children have settled back in beautifully. They have come to school keen, eager, ready to learn and play and I couldn't be more proud of them all!  You may find that they are a little tired this weekend. 
In a nutshell, we've mainly concentrated on enjoying each other's company this week.  But, in addition to this...
In RWI we have begun our set 2 sounds and have learnt:  ay  as in "may I play?" and ee as in "what can you see?"  You could have a go at reinforcing these sounds this weekend if you have time. 
In our numberwork, we have recapped our teen numbers and the children have shown me the fabulous addition skills that they worked on with you at home.  I was very impressed!
Our school pond is FULL of frogs and frogspawn so we used that as an opportunity to talk about the life cycle of frogs.  I wonder if you could spot any frogspawn out on a walk this weekend?  The important words we talked about were: 
metamorphosis (children love a technical word!)
We had the chance to use the hall for PE and the children had a blast on the gym equipment.  We hope to do this again next week. 
We ended our week by thinking about the special people at home who do so much to look after us.  I hope you all enjoy your beautiful cards or wall-hangings.  They were made with love and each was unique.  
Looking forward to more fun next week. 
Kind regards, 
Mrs G