Home learning Friday 16th October

Exploring Autumn!
Exploring our own ideas and fascinations!
Our marvellous maths work!
Enjoying stuck in the mud and hockey sticks in PE
A huge well done to all of our fabulous Plums who have had a fabulous week in class even though the tiredness of a whole half term in full time school is beginning to catch up with us!
It's been a very autumnal week with lots of changing weather and a chill in the air on many mornings.  However, this was perfect for learning about the changes that occur at this time of the year. We had a super session outside in small groups looking for the oak, sycamore, beech and horse chestnut trees on our school field.  This was such a time of discovery as we looked at the different shaped leaves, all of the autumn colours and the seeds that these trees produce.  I wonder if you can look around this weekend for any of these trees as you're out and about.  What other trees do you see?  Are there any trees that aren't losing their leaves?  Later in the week we looked closely at sycamore leaves - some were very large and non were exactly the same colour.  We discovered that they had 5 points, a bit like the 5 fingers on our hand!  We had a great afternoon drawing these leaves with 5 points and then exploring and mixing autumn colours to make our own sycamore leaf.  The results are beautiful!  Some of us used autumn leaves to make beautiful autumn flowers and we are hoping to display these in our Plum Class garden.  Mrs Hammond had a great autumn job for us as we painted a tree for our autumn display - can you believe we took dinosaur feet for a walk all over the tree to make the leaves.  This really made us smile and giggle!  next week we'll be wrapping up our autumn work and I'll be encouraging the children to show and explain what they've learnt about the changes they see, why and how these are happening. 
In our mathematical work, we've been learning and using some crucial mathematical language: 
more than
less than/fewer
equal to/the same
We've made sets and compared them using this language.  Many of us found equal to/the same a bit tricky to begin with but with lots of practice, this concept is becoming more familiar. It would be great if you could use this language over the weekend to compare groups of toys, food on a plate or anything that you find that can be counted and compared. 
We also had great fun watching and listening to the story of Rosie's Walk.  I've attached the link. 
This required us to understand and use lots of positional language: 
On top/underneath
beside/next to
in front/behind
The children were encouraged to use these words in sentences as they took their own Rosie for a walk.  Maybe you could make a little assault course for a teddy bear at the weekend and encourage your child to describe where teddy goes - under the blanket, on top of the cushion, beside the chair, around the table. 
We focused on letter sounds u, b and f this week. 
For u we were encouraged to go down the umbrella, up and back to the puddle as we wrote. 
For b we went down the boot and around the laces. 
For f we went down the stem and drew on the leaves.  
See the cards below for further support. 
Seraphina apologises that she was unable to make a Friday visit for a video.  Normal service will be resumed next week. 
In addition to this, we began to put some of our letter sounds together to make words. 
We found that when we put s   a   d together we could blend these to make the word sad. 
You can begin to blend some of our known letter sounds to make words at the weekend if you have some time. 
Have a great weekend and remember it's a 4 day week next week with teacher training day on Friday!
Rosie's Walk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAdviuJ4H20&t=90s