Home Learning Friday 19th March

What a beautiful spring week it has been ! There has been a new bounce in our step in reception as we have enjoyed much more time playing in Pear class garden and enjoying the wonderful changes that this season brings. 
In our RWI work this week, our focus has been on the sounds igh and ow with the children working hard to form short sentences using these sounds. Although we have moved on to set two sounds, it is important that the children continue to practise (and use) their set 1 sounds regularly at home. Little and often will ensure that the children continue to progress with their reading and writing. 
In our number work we have been playing games to consolidate our understanding of teen numbers using numicon. It is important that the children can not only identify a teen number, but that they can understand where that number is on the number line. Is 14 more or less than 18? How many jumps more do we need to do to get to 18? We make maths as practical as possible in reception - could you draw out a number line in chalk outside at the weekend and do some number jumping to practise teen number understanding?
Spring has sprung at Swansfield! We’ve had many opportunities to look for spring treasures. We started our week looking on our school field. The children noticed buds on the trees, snowdrops, primrose, crocuses, birds nests and also that the frogs we had been studying in our pond last week have been laying yet more frogspawn. What fun we had watching them!

We found some pretty daffodils in Pear class garden and noted that these will have grown due to seed dispersal, just like in the story The Tiny Seed that we read in the Autumn time. The children painted observational pictures of these flowers which are now displayed around our classroom brightening up our days!


We also closely observed and discovered that our bulbs we planted in the Autumn term have sprung and are beginning to blossom into flowers. We spent some time investigating and looking at the different parts of these plants to discover some key vocabulary: shoots, roots, petal, stem, leaves and some of us may even be able to talk about the pollen on the flower!


We had a very important discussion during circle time about the big event that has taken place this week: comic relief. We discussed what these big words might mean and decided that red nose day is all about being silly and making others smile and it was important to have this day to make them feel happier and also raise money for people who need a bit of help.


We enjoyed producing some of our own funny face pictures that we will display proudly on our classroom windows to give you a smile and also told some of our favourite jokes. Reception humour= belly laughs and bemused adults! We all had so much fun dressing up in silly outfits and taking part in the comic relief activities in the classroom  but most of all, we were all so proud to be contributing to help others in need.

Another fantastic fun-packed week in reception!

Fingers crossed for lovely weather this weekend and we will see you bright and breezy on Monday,

Mrs G.