Home Learning Friday 23rd April

We've just been so lucky with the weather this week and we've made the most of the lovely sunshine!
The afternoons have been such a great time for everyone in Plum Class with our doors open and the children having the opportunity to choose whether to play in or out.  There have been so many imaginative and happy games on the go.  The children have been negotiating, sharing, decision making and generally having fun with their friends!
Our week has centred around beanstalks again and we enjoyed the story of Jasper and the Beanstalk.  We began our week with some imaginative work as we decided what we might like to find at the top of our own beanstalks.  We used fabulously descriptive language to paint pictures with words and we even tried making some similes.  Some beanstalks were as tall as giraffes!  We had great fun with Claire down in the bandstand mid week as we made music to ascend the beanstalk.  The children decided that their music would get louder the higher we climbed and we discovered that this was called a crescendo!
In our mathematical work, we have been subtracting this week.  We did this through a story-telling game.  We played in pairs, one person was the giant, the other was Jack.  The giant put his treasure in the castle and Jack came along and stole some of the treasure. We discovered that when we took some of the treasure away, we ended up with less. Next week, we'll take this a step further and along side lots of talking about taking away, we'll begin to record our subtractions.  We have also been measuring this week.  The giant left a big footprint in our classroom and we used cubes to measure its length.  We compared this to the length of our own feet.  We then had a go at measuring lots of things around our classroom with cubes. 
In our RWI work, we've focused on two new sounds - ir, whirl and twirl and ou, shout it out. 
We only have one more sound to learn next week and then that's set 2 complete!
PE was great fun this week as we climbed and rolled.  There was much excitement when friends who couldn't do a forward roll listened to advice and got the hang of it!
Hoping that the sun continues to shine at the weekend.  Have fun and see you all on Monday