Home Learning Friday 25th June

Hello there!
Sincere apologies that there was no blog last week. 
Back in business this week and plenty of photos for you to enjoy. 
It's been a packed week with lots of great learning. 
In our mathematical work, we've been sharing fairly into equal groups.  This gave us a great opportunity to talk about the meaning of equal and not equal and to find and make examples of these concepts. The children all learnt to describe the groupings we made: "It's equal because..." or "It's not equal because..."
Obviously, this work lays the foundation for division which will begin in Year 1. 
Maybe you could have a go at sharing toys, snacks, socks or anything similar into equal groups at the weekend. Or, you could make some groups, encourage your child to tell you if they are equal or not equal and most importantly, explain why. 
We've also been making repeating patterns this week. I encouraged the children to challenge themselves to go beyond a pattern that was simply an ABAB repeat (so for example, shell, stone, shell. stone) to something a little more complicated.  The children didn't disappoint and made some great repeats.  Maybe you could visit the beach at the weekend and collect some pebbles and shells to make patterns with. 
We read the story Sharing a Shell this week and the children then worked with a partner to design their own shell to share.  They then worked together to come up with an adventure to have in their shell.  There was some really careful work and some super adventures.  Tales of sharks, mermaids, storms and all sorts!
With the weather being so nice, we've taken advantage and had lots of outdoor play and exploration over the last few weeks.  It's been so great to observe the fabulous games and interactions that the children have been having.
Oooo and we've done lots of practice for our mini Olympics next week too! 
Please continue to send the children with a sun hat each day.  When it's out - our garden gets very warm indeed!
Have a great weekend everyone and we'll see you on Monday!