Home Learning Friday 26th March

Phew... we've made it!
What a term it has been for us all. I feel so thankful that we've been able to have these last three weeks all together back in the classroom and I'm so hoping that the summer term will see the gradual lifting of restrictions and more normality back in the day to day lives of our children.  
It's been another happy week in the classroom with lots of activity and fun. 
In our RWI work we've focused on two new sounds - oo poo at the zoo (Seraphina had a ball with that one!) and ar start the car. I've attached the little cards so that you can reinforce these at home. 
In our number work, I've been carrying out a quick check of how well the children have grasped all the concepts taught this term and I have to say that I'm delighted with the results.  So, after the Easter holiday we'll continue to develop our addition skills and we'll move on to subtraction and some sharing. 
We've also had a little focus on pattern this week and the children have enjoyed making a patterned egg.  They used coloured strips of paper to make a repeat.  Some worked with 2 colours and some challenged themselves further with 3!
Our topic work has centred around the festival of Easter and we've found out about the celebrations that are important to Christians.  We've also spent time talking about the traditions that our families observe and enjoy at this time.  The children love sharing their tales with each other. 
We've linked the festival of Easter and new life with our spring topic and Mrs Hammond has worked with the children on a fabulous new display of new life in our classroom.  I've attached a picture so that you can share in the children's wonderful creative work. 
In our PE session the children loved working with the gym equipment again.  We focused on skill development this week and I challenged the children to find interesting ways to move on the equipment.  Some slithered, some crawled, some did bunny hops and some went backwards.  We also talked about safe and effective jumping with bent knees to start and finish.  We looked at the way that gymnasts end their routines with an arms in the air pose.  The children liked this!
I would like to wish you all a very happy Easter holiday.  I do hope that the sun shines and we can all spend lots of time outdoors.  
I look forward to welcoming all our Plums back on Monday 12th April for our last term together.  
With my best wishes, 
Mrs G