Home Learning Friday 28th May

We've made it - half term calls!
It's been another fun packed week in Plum with lots of great learning. 
We've got our garden planted out with all of our vegetables that we planted earlier in the half term.  They've been spoilt in Mrs Hammond's greenhouse and are now hardy and ready for the Plum Class raised bed.  We'll look forward to a plentiful harvest!
In our mathematical work, we've been halving.  We discovered that a whole can be chopped into two equal pieces to be a half.  We looked at some examples of things that were and weren't halves.  We helped a gentleman called Pedro half a pizza so that it could be shared between two customers.  To begin with he really didn't have a clue!  We made our own pizzas and halved them with a friend.  This work then led us on to explore our numicon pieces.  Which ones could and couldn't be halved?  And if not, why not?  We gave some great explanations as we worked.  Can you explore halving at home over the holidays? 
We got the Beebots out this week.  They are little programable devices that we can use to follow the instructions that we give.  Why not ask us about these?
We had a chat on Thursday afternoon about families and the passage of time.  I told the children about my garden that I used to enjoy looking after when I was their age.  I liked to plant peas because I could pick them and eat them straight from the pods!  We will continue to think about events from the past after the holidays.  Can you chat with your children about things that you used to enjoy doing when you were younger?  You can also talk about where and who you used to live with as you were growing up. 
Well, it looks as though the sun is going to shine next week and so I wish you all a happy and fun-filled holiday.  Don't forget that we return to school on Tuesday the 8th June.