Home Learning Friday 2nd October

Well, that's September done and dusted, welcome to October in Plum Class!
It's been a busy week with lots of learning. 
In our phonic work, Serephina has introduced us to three new sounds - n, p and g.  It would be great if you could reinforce recognition of these letters and their formation at home. In the next few weeks, we'll begin to build short three letter words with the sounds we have learnt so far.  This is always an exciting time as the children realise that they can be readers.  On that subject, we will be sharing news of digital books that you'll be able to access at home in the next few weeks. We will not be sending reading books home with children as we normally would, but we're excited about getting home readers established for everyone in Plum Class
In our mathematical work, we've been focusing on place value to 5.  Having an understanding of place value means that you have a secure knowledge of number order and value - knowing that 3 is more than 1 and that 2 is less than 5, for example. The children have ordered number cards to 5 and matched the digit cards to the relevant pieces of Numicon (you can see this in our pictures below).  Mrs Hammond and I then tinkered on with the numberlines and the children had to put them back in order! They were fantastic at doing this and we couldn't catch anyone out!  In addition to this, we've been sorting this week.  We enjoyed putting some funny monsters in groups - monsters with spots in one group and stripes in another.  Monsters with hats in one group and without hats in another.  We learnt that when we sort - we put things that are the same or similar together. I wonder what you can sort at the weekend.  Maybe a big pile of clothes - things that go on your top half in one group and bottom half in the other.  Maybe coloured blocks - big ones in one pile and small ones in another.  The important thing is to ask your child how they are going to sort and to explain their groupings. 
In our afternoons, we've been thinking about harvest.  We watched a video of some famers harvesting wheat and Mrs Hammond also showed us a video of farmer Thomas busy in the field. We thought combine harvesters were very clever machines and we had a go at building our own by cutting and sticking shapes.  Did you know that a combine has a header, a cab, a tank and a shoot?  Ask us what all these parts do and we'll tell you!  On Wednesday afternoon, we worked with Claire to explore a range of fruits and vegetables. We talked about the texture and feel of the produce and found similarities and differences.  It was great to hear the children chatting so enthusiastically to each other as they worked. 
We rounded our week off with a hula-hoop based PE session and by enjoying the Roald Dahl poem The Tummy Monster for National Poetry Day.  
I hope everyone has a great weekend. 
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