Home Learning Friday 7th May

Well the weather might have been a bit up and down this week but we’ve all been on top form in Plum Class! 

The 1st thing to talk about has to be the End of Set 2 Sounds Ceremony with Seraphina on Wednesday morning. This was indeed a grand occasion with ceremonial music, certificates and lots of proud children. Enjoy the photos! That’s the last we’ll see of Seraphina for the year now that all our Reception sounds are learnt but as she said herself -the children have no need for her anymore, they are experts and well on their way to being readers and writers fit for Year 1! This point in the year is always a little bitter sweet for Seraphina and we see a little tear in her eye as she leaves for the last time ;)

In other news, our week has centred around the Supertato story. The children have had a whale of a time getting stuck into veggie action! They have freed trapped vegetables, hunted for evil peas and been incredulous at the mess that these little round green balls can make in our classroom! Writing captions of what the vegetables might be saying was great fun and a super way for the children to use both their imaginations and phonic skills. 

In our PE work this week we began to learn to skip with a rope. This would be a great skill to practice at home if you have a rope. It's a fabulous work out for gross motor skills. 

In our number work, we continued to subtract and the children are becoming so confident at making and telling subtraction stories. We use first, then, now as we tell our stories. So an example would be…

“First there were 8 evil peas, then I shooed 5 away, now there are 3 left.”

I wonder what you could use to tell subtraction stories at the weekend? 

The children are particularly enjoying singing at the moment and in addition to a variety of garden related songs, we had a fun singalong on Thursday afternoon with tunes from Mary Poppins, Moana and Toy Story just to name a few. 

I do hope that you all have a lovely weekend. We’re moving on to think about minibeasts next week so keep your fingers crossed for some better weather please!