Home Learning Friday 9th October

Friday again!
These weeks just keep rattling past. 
It's been a busy week in the classroom, we've learnt three new letter sounds - c, k, o.  Seraphina is delighted with our progress and sends her best to all. She adds that it would be super if letter formation could be reinforced at home over the weekend!
In our mathematical work, we've explored number 5 this week.  We discovered that five can be represented in many ways and we explored this with five numicon number one pieces.  We found that we can represent 5 by holding a hand up or by raising a foot with 5 toes.  I wonder whether you can find a representation of 5 at the weekend?  We've also been forming number 5  - saying "down, around the big tummy and put the hat on the top" helps us with correct formation.  We've also been using 2D shapes for a purpose.  Revisiting shape often helps to ensure that we keep those shape names on the tip of our tongue.  As we've been thinking about the story of the Little Red Hen this week, we used our 2D shapes to make representations of her!  Many of us used a pentagon for her head as it had a perfect beak shape built it.  How fabulous to know that a five sided shape is called a pentagon!  Can you spot a pentagon anywhere over the weekend? 
So - the story of the Little Red Hen has played a significant part in our week. We've listened to the story and joined in with the refrains and key language.  We all made a story map which gave us the opportunity to re-tell and show that we understood the order of events.  Have a look at the pictures of some of our maps.  We thoroughly enjoyed baking bread, just like the Little Red Hen and brought our buns home.  I wonder who shared and who ate theirs 'all by themselves'! 
We took some time to reflect on how The Little Red Hen might have felt throughout the story and we wrote a letter to the animals who hadn't been kind to her.  When a thank you gift for the Little Red Hen arrived on Friday morning, we talked about who it might have been from and why they felt the need to send a gift.  
We harvested our sweetcorn from the garden last week and we enjoyed preparing and eating this on Monday. However, one of our corns was a bit too cute to eat and so Colin The Corn was born!  He's been entertaining us this week with his shenanigans,  hiding in the classroom, sneaking into Seraphina's bag... what a trickster! The children were inspired to write for purpose as they wrote messages to Colin to tell him to behave. 
Mrs Pickard was a welcome addition to Plum Class for some sessions this week and we all got to visit forest school and have lots of fun!  I do hope the children have told you about their experiences. 
In addition to all of this, there has been wonderfully creative play and lots of friendship.  I'm delighted with the way that the children are gelling as a team and I look forward to this strengthening further in the coming weeks. 
Can I take this opportunity to remind you that although we cannot have an open door policy to allow you into our happy classroom, please do catch me at the garden gate in the morning or in the afternoon if there is anything that you would like to discuss or ask. 
Hoping that everyone enjoys a great weekend. 
See you on Monday