Home Learning Thursday 22nd October

Phew... we made it!
A huge well done to all Plums for doing so well in their first half term in Reception. 
There have been so many highlights and Mrs Hammond and I are loving working with your fabulous children. 
We've finished off our half term with a round up of our autumn investigating.  Half term is a great time to get out and about crunching in leaves, looking at the gorgeous colours, spotting seeds and signs that plants and trees are preparing themselves for the winter.  This week we've also talked about some animals who don't hibernate but who are currently making stores of food to get them through the long and cold winter  This is called a 'cache' - we liked that new word!  We found that squirrels and moles and shrews are doing this at the moment. I wonder if your child can remember what these animals put in their cache?
In our mathematical work, we've continued to work with our key vocabulary: 
more than
less than/fewer
equal to/the same
We have built and compared towers with blocks as we use this language and we've looked at a range of representations of numbers 1-5 as we use these words. 
It would be great if you could reinforce this language over the holidays.  In particular, focus on getting your child to make a set of something with less/fewer than you.  This has been quite tricky for us!  We all want more!
Our sounds this week have been e, h and l.  Here are the little rhymes we use: 
e - chop off the top and scoop out the egg
h - down the head to the hooves and over his back
l - down the lovely long leg. 
Enjoy the children and Seraphina.  She offers her apologies that she didn't have the correct letters in the bag - she says she's a little tired, I can't think why ;)
I do hope that you all have a happy and healthy half term and I look forward to welcoming everyone back after the holidays - Monday 2nd November. 
Mrs G
Washing our garden - what fun!
Maths fun!
Making our cards- there were a lot of tickly feet!
PE in autumn sunshine - just the best!